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6 Things We Loved About Sandman and 3 Things We Didn’t

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One of the things that made The Sandman so impactful was that the storylines, characters, and outcomes were edgy reminders that the world is a random, brutal, and mean place, and you have to do your best to survive despite all that shit. It emphasized hope and love in a way that felt deeply meaningful, despite the messiness of the world’s violence. This show, while it had its fair share of murder, is a far tamer version than what the comics presented.

There’s a part of this series that feels sanitized, where characters are more sympathetic all over, and given reasons behind their actions. Some of that is good, it makes the show easier to understand, but a lot of what made The Sandman absolutely fantastic was how horrific it was. This show is, more or less, a watered-down version of the comic. Part of that is good, but… there is something lost when the random, eccentric, horrible parts of humanity are poured into a show that is able to justify its every action.

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