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9 of the Film’s Main Characters

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Image for article titled Here's the (Mostly) Blue People You'll Have to Distinguish Between in Avatar: The Way of Water

Image: Disney

Avatar: The Way of Water is almost here and it’s gonna be big. Big action, big effects, big running time. At over three hours long, James Cameron’s latest mega sequel picks up years after the events of the first Avatar. Jake and Neytiri (Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana) are married, have kids, and have to face a whole new threat on their home planet of Pandora. That means teaming up with another group of Navi, the Metkayina, who live in the water.

That’s what we do know. We also know with the new Navi, and the kids, there are lots and lots (and lots) of new characters we’re going to meet. And so Disney released a series of character posters for nine of the main ones. We present those here so you can begin to do your homework before taking that trip back to Pandora on December 16.

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