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A great trio of Thanksgiving games is looming

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The first annual John Madden Thanksgiving Celebration will be memorable, in more ways that one.

For the first time since the NFL expanded the Thanksgiving slate in 2006 to include a prime-time game, it’s the best trio of Turkey Day contests the league has ever presented.

It didn’t look like it was going to be that way when the schedule game out. But Bills-Lions, Giants-Cowboys, and Patriots-Vikings have a much different feel, 11 weeks into the season.

Currently, five of the six teams that will play on Thursday are in the top 10 of the PFT power rankings. The other team, the Lions, have won three in a row — and they look to be capable of taking own the Bills.

So, between the captive audience and the great games, the NFL could have ridiculously high ratings for the three games that will be played in only two days.

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