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Advertisement Feature: Salary Sacrifice: Make the complex simple with the right technology

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Advertisement feature from JCT600 VLS

Now for the exciting bit – giving your employees access to the scheme and the ability to order their new car! This usually involves providing them with access to a system to get illustrations and order a new car on the scheme.

The best system to deliver your scheme will do more than just provide your drivers with the ability to choose a car from a list. They inform, educate, deliver and manage your policy in an easy and seamless online journey.

Our state-of-the-art driver portal, Origo, was designed to easily deliver all car policies within a single platform, making it simple for both employees and employers.

Employees can go through the entire quote-to-order process on new vehicles, track any current orders and access all the services they require on existing vehicles.

Displaying side-by-side comparisons of vehicles from the policy, Origo provides each employee with a real-time, personal wholelife cost calculation to help make the right choice for them.

And for the employer? Origo not only helps to manage the policy and house all documents and education tools, but it also covers the employer’s risk with a fully auditable trail – all in one system.

Your salary sacrifice scheme can be extremely simple, straightforward, and stress-free with the right technology in place to help you launch and manage it. And when complemented by a trusted partner that provides ongoing consultancy and support, you’ve got a winning formula for a successful salary sacrifice scheme for your employees.

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