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How to share your calendar in Microsoft Outlook

You can share your Outlook calendar so that other people can just view it or also modify it. Image: Andreas Prott/Adobe Stock Whether you use the Microsoft Outlook desktop application, Outlook on the web or both, you…

Hiring kit: Microsoft Power BI developer

The ability to turn raw data into actionable information is a valuable but specialized skill. This Microsoft Power BI Developer Hiring Kit from TechRepublic Premium includes a job description, interview questions and a sample want…

Excel guide: Referencing cells using COUNTIF

Counting values is an easy task using Excel’s COUNTIF() function, which is essentially a combination of the COUNT() and IF() functions. It is used to count the number of values in a range that meet a specific condition. To…

How to count items in an Excel list

Image: Diego/Adobe Stock Recently, I visited a friend who was working on a printout that was obviously generated by a spreadsheet application. It was a list of customer names and addresses sorted by ZIP Code, and my friend was…

Demo: Excel tips: How to count list items

This is the demonstration file to accompany the article, Excel tips: How to count list items by Susan Harkins. The post Demo: Excel tips: How to count list items appeared first on TechRepublic.