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ClearVue Technologies Ltd kicks off testing at BCA Skylab, attends EY Strategic Growth Forum

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ClearVue Technologies Ltd (ASX:CPV, OTCQB:CVUEF) has started testing its ClearVue PV glazing product at Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Skylab facility.

Located in Singapore and developed in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, the BCA Skylab enables companies to complete studies in ‘real-world’ conditions, allowing for accurate measurements of energy performance and environmental parameters.

ClearVue’s tests are aimed at evaluating thermal performance and the impact of energy use, which will accelerate research, development and the application of ClearVue’s solar glazing technology.

Testing will run in two stages, with part one underway on the company’s triple-glazed product.

Once complete, work will begin on a second design, which is expected to deliver better results across a number of measurement parameters, including thermal performance.

Subject to weather, testing is expected to conclude by the end of March 2023.

Commenting on the Skylab program, executive chairman Victor Rosenberg said the BCA Skylab was a leading global building test facility.

“By testing the ClearVue PV IGU with the BCA Skylab, the company will have the most complete set of performance data to date on its product,” he explained.

“In particular, the data gathered from testing the product in the tropical environment setting of Singapore will open the door to sales opportunities in Asia.

“BCA Skylab testing is itself a prerequisite to sales to government in Singapore – the government being the largest property owner and developer in that country.

“We look forward to sharing the results of the testing in coming months.”

EY Strategic Growth Forum

ClearVue also recently attended the EY Strategic Growth Forum CEO-to-CEO event in Palm Springs.

The forum is described as the most prestigious gathering of CEOs, high-growth entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and professional investment fund managers in the US.

EY says attendees “convene for inspiring keynotes, thought-provoking panels, one-to-one meetings and limitless, high-value networking to fuel economic growth”.

ClearVue’s North American CEO Basil Karampelas said: “Our technology was highlighted as part of the ‘Illumination Experience’, an interactive experience where ClearVue was the only photovoltaic glass company invited to participate.

“The event has significantly increased our exposure in the US to leading technology and ESG-focused companies.

“We are grateful to the team at EY for including ClearVue in this event and are excited to follow up with the numerous potential customers with whom we interacted.”

Phase two US Air Force evaluation nears completion

Finally, ClearVue is preparing its final report for the US Air Force following a collaboration with smart glass company Nodis.

Nodis deployed five TruTint Power Windows (teaming its TruTint smart glass with ClearVue’s PV IGUs) and collected performance data.

Moving ahead, Nodis will gather the last datasets through December, after which it will publish a final report to the US Air Force, completing the phase two deployment evaluation.

Based on the findings and manufacturing schedule, the Air Force evaluating group may recommend adopting the TruTint Power Windows for future Air Force buildings.

As a result, Nodis and ClearVue are determining high-volume manufacturing approaches to enable the phase three purchase.

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