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Commonwealth Games 2022 Live Day 1: India take 2-0 lead against South Africa in Women’s Table Tennis team match

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  • Jul 29, 2022 02:49 PM IST

    CWG Live Updates, Day 1: No problems for Sreeja Akula so far

    11-5 in the first game. Akula looked to be in some hurry as she played an attacking game and committed a number of unforced errors. Regardless, she takes 1-0 lead in this match

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:46 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games Live, Day 1: Sreeja Akula meets Danisha Patel in third game

    Unlike Manika Batra, she goes off to a fiery start, possibly because Akula has already played earlier in the women’s doubles as well. 4-0 in the first game

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:43 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: Easy victory for India’s ‘golden’ girl 

    11-2 in the third game as Manika Batra beats Musfiquh Kalam in straight games – 11-5, 11-3, 11-2. India lead 2-0

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:41 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Closing in on win

    The Indian is asserting her dominance here. She continues to go on the offensive, not allowing her opponent any chance to settle. 8-2 in third game

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:39 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: As easy as you like

    Manika Batra makes easy work of her South African opponent in the second game, beating her 11-3 in the second game. She’s now a game away from giving India a 2-0 lead in the tie 

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:36 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: What a start!

    The Indian star paddler races to 5-0 lead in the second game. Musfiquh Kalam simply has no answers to Batra’s outrageous forehands 

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:33 PM IST

    CWG Live Score, Day 1: Manika Batra takes opening game 11-5

    It had been a cagey start for Manika, but she stuck with her attacking game and eventually cruised to a 11-5 win in the first game. Good start for India in the team’s event, as was expected

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:32 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games Live Updates: Batra showing her class

    Manika Batra growing into the game now against World No. 200 Kalam. She wins 7 off the last eight points now, as the Indian leads 9-5

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:30 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Manika Batra vs Mushfiquh Kalam begins

    Nervy start for Batra here. A couple of unforced errors to begin with, as it stands three-a-piece in the first game

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:27 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Time for Manika Batra!

    Batra, who won the gold medal in the women’s singles event in the previous edition, now takes to the court. She takes on Musfiquh Kalam

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:26 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: Tania Choudhury loses in her first match (Lawn Bowls)

    A fairly straightforward victory for Dee Hoggan, as she beats Choudhury 21-10 in the first game of Women’s Singles, Section B

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:24 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Score, Day 1: Reeth/Akula beat Patel/Edwards 11-7, 11-7, 11-5

    India lead 1-0! A comfortable victory for the Indian pair

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:22 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: Positive start to third game

    India are inching closer towards taking the first match in the Women’s Table Tennis team group game against South Africa. Reeth and Akula lead 6-3

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:18 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Successive points for India!

    India take the second game! The Indian pair take four successive points after the 6-6, and eventually register a win in second game with similar scoreline (11-7). India lead 2-0 in first match

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:15 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Score: Neck-to-neck in the second game

    A number of unforced errors from South Africa as Patel relies too much on her forehand. Regardless, it has been a close game. 6-6 in the second game 

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:13 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: 2-2 in second game

    What a forehand by Danisha Patel! A strong start for South Africa in this second game. But can they maintain the pressure?

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:11 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: Akula/Reeth win first game

    The Indian pair produces an impressive defensive play as it take the first game 11-7 against the South Africans

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:08 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Early lead for Indian pair

    Strong start from Reeth and Akula, as they race to a 7-3 lead.

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:07 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live Updates: Match begins

    Doubles first up, as Akula and Reeth meet Lailaa Edwards/Danisha Patel

  • Jul 29, 2022 02:03 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: TT lineups out

    Manika Batra will play in two singles matches, while Reeth Tennison and Sreeja Akula will play one each. Tennison and Akula will also play in the doubles game.

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:56 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Score, Day 1: Tania Choudhury concedes heavy trail

    Dee Hoggan leads 16-6 and closing in on victory in the first game of Section B in women’s singles event.

    India men’s team, too, is trailing 1-10.

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:52 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Day 1 Live: Minutes away from India vs South Africa Women’s TT match!

    Manika Batra, Sreeja Akula, Reeth Rishya, and Diya Chitale will be taking part in the Women’s Table Tennis group game against South Africa. Reminder that India won a gold medal in the event in the previous edition of the CWG

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:46 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live: Artistic Gymnastics action begins

    Indians will be in action at 4:30 PM IST though, when Yogeshwar Singh, Saif Tamboli, and Satyajit Mondal participate in the Pommel Horse event in Men’s Subdivision 2

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:43 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Scotland’s Hoggan extends lead

    It has been a close contest so far. After Tania took three successive points to equalise 6-6, Hoggan has once taken the lead, this time gaining three consecutive points herself to go 9-6 up.

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:37 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: First to reach 21 points will win (Lawn Bowls)

    Dee Hoggan leads 8-6 against Tania Choudhury, while India men’s team trails 1-6 against New Zealand

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:32 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Score: Tania Choudhury equalises!

    It’s 6-6 in the Women’s Singles Section A match between Choudhury and Scotland’s Dee Hoggan

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:30 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates, Day 1: Badminton action also begins

    India will take part later in the day, though. Hosts England and Barbados are taking on each other in the first game of the Mixed Doubles event 

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:27 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live, Day 1: TT action coming up next

    The Indian women’s table tennis team will take on South Africa in their first game as it looks to defend the Commonwealth Games title. The match starts at 2 PM IST

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:20 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Comeback from Tania, Men’s team

    Tania still trails but it’s a good comeback for her. The score currently stands 3-2 in the favour of Scottish Hoggan.

    The men’s team, meanwhile, has equalised 1-1 against the Kiwis

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:14 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live: Brief look at Lawn Bowls rules

    The sport is divided into two ends with players competing in turns, rolling their balls. The target is to roll the ball as close as it can get to the target. If the player’s ball is closer than that of his opponent, it counts as a point.

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:09 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates, Day 1: Tania Choudhury trails 0-2

    The Indian trails 0-2 against Scotland’s Dee Hoggan in the Women’s Singles Section A, Round 1.

    The Indian men’s team also trails 0-1 against New Zealand

  • Jul 29, 2022 01:02 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live,  Day 1: Lawn Bowls event begins

    The Men’s Triples Section A, Round 1 begins with India taking on New Zealand.

    Tania Choudhury also takes on Scotland’s Dee Hoggan

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:57 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Somdev Devvarman not too pleased with tennis not featuring in Games

    “Shooting wasn’t included because they didn’t have the necessary facilities, but they can’t use the same reason for tennis!” Somdev Devvarman, who had won a gold medal in the 2010 edition of the Commonwealth Games, said.

    Interestingly, the 2010 CWG was the only time when tennis featured at the Games.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:53 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: ‘Cricket’s inclusion crucial to its push for Olympics’

    “How the tournament pans out here will be crucial to push cricket for the Olympics in the future,” Ayaz Menon says in the Pre-Games show on SonyLIV.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:47 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 1 Live: A double dose of India vs Pakistan

    India and Pakistan athletes will be facing in two seperate events on Day 1.

    While Shiva Thapa meets Suleman Baloch in Boxing, the Indian badminton mixed doubles team also faces the neighbouring rivals at 6:30 PM IST.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:42 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: India in the all-time medal table

    India are currently ranked fourth in the all-time medal tally at the Commonwealth Games, but they are unlikely to make a climb anytime soon. While India have gold 181 medals, Canada — placed 3rd — have 484 golds!

    India have won a total of 503 medals in CWG history so far.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:37 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games Live Updates, Day 1: Inching closer towards start of action…

    A reminder that India will kickstart its campaign with the Lawn Bowls event, where Tania Choudhury meets Scotland’s Dee Hoggan in the Women’s Singles Sectional Play.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:34 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: Squash players in action

    Anahat Singh (women’s singles) and Abhay Singh (men’s singles) will be in aciton in the Squash action at 11 PM.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:27 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Shiva Thapa eyes resurgence

    Thapa, who holds the record of winning five successive Asian medals, will be eyeing a resurgence in the Commonwealth Games after missing the previous year’s Olympics in Tokyo.

    He begins his campaign against Pakistan’s Suleman Baloch in the Light Welterweight category at 5 PM IST.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:23 PM IST

    CWG 2022: Other medal events on Day 1 (India specific)

    Gymnastics, Cycling and Swimming will all have medal events on Day 1; however, they will also include qualifying rounds.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:18 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: 8 gold medals in line for India on Day 1

    Indian athletes will take part in as many as 8 gold medal events on Day 1. One of them is a straight final (Men’s and Women’s Triathlon), that includes 4 Indians — Adarsh M.S. and Vishwanath Yadav (men’s; 3:30 PM) and Pragnya Mohan and Sanjana Sunil Joshi (women’s 7 PM). 

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:12 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live: India women’s hockey team placed in Group A

    It is a tricky group for India in the CWG 2022, as they are placed alongside hosts England, Canada, Wales and Ghana.

    The side opens the campaign against the African side at 6:30 PM IST today.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:08 PM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: Women’s Hockey team looks to move past WC disappointment

    India had finished a dismal 9th in the Women’s Hockey World Cup earlier this month, winning only 1 match in six. In their do-or-die match against co-hosts Spain, India had conceded the winning goal in the final minute of the fourth quarter.

    But the side — still without Rani Rampal — will be aiming to move past the disappointment as it kickstarts the CWG campaign today.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:05 PM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022: India eye repeat of 2018 Games in Table Tennis

    Indian paddlers stunned everyone with a brilliant outing in the 2018 edition of CWG, winning 3 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals to finish at the top of the tally in the event.

    Manika Batra had won the women’s singles event, while both, Men’s and Women’s team won gold medals as well.

  • Jul 29, 2022 12:00 PM IST

    India at Commonwealth Games: Paddlers in action on Day 1

    The Indian women’s team — comprising of Manika Batra, Sreeja Akula, Reeth Rishya, and Diya Chitale, will meet South Africa in the first group game on Day 1. The match is scheduled at 2 PM IST. Six hours later, they will take on Fiji in their second group game.

    The Indian men’s team — Sharath Kamal, Gnanasekaran Sathiyan, Harmeet Desai, and Sanil Shetty — will face Barbados at 4:30 PM IST, followed by second group game against Singapore at 11 PM IST.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:55 AM IST

    CWG 2022 Live, Day 1: Neeraj Chopra also misses the Games

    India’s Olympic champion and World Championships silver-medallist javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra was forced to withdraw from the Commonwealth Games last week, owing to a groin injury. He faced the injury during the Worlds final on Sunday, where he became India’s first silver medallist in the tournament’s history.

    Chopra had won the gold medal in the previous edition of the CWG, and was undoubtedly one of the top contenders to defend the title.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:53 AM IST

    CWG 2022 India: How much does absence of Shooting hurt India?

    India had won 60 medals in the 2018 edition, out of which 16 came in Shooting. Seven of them were gold medals!

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:47 AM IST

    India at CWG 2022: A look at the previous edition’s tally

    India had finished an impressive third in the medal tally at the CWG 2018 in Gold Coast, winning 26 gold medals, 20 silver and as many bronze. However, India faces a setback this year as Shooting — where India boasted of multiple medal contenders at the Games — has not been included in the final roster.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:44 AM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 1 Live Updates: India included in Group A in Women’s T20

    The Harmanpreet Kaur-led Indian team faces a tough test in its opener on Day 1, as it takes on favourites Australia. India are placed in Group A with the other two teams being Barbados and Pakistan.

    India face arch-rivals Pakistan on July 31.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:39 AM IST

    CWG 2022 Live Updates: Cricket returns to Commonwealth Games

    Cricket makes only its second appearance at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, with women’s event featuring for the first time. The only time cricket was included in the CWG roster was in 1998, when South Africa men’s team won the gold medal, beating Australia in the final.

    The Indian women’s team will be in action on the opening day.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:35 AM IST

    CWG 2022 Live: India’s first event on Day 1

    The Lawn Bowls event will kickstart India’s campaign at the 2022 Commonwealth Games on Day 1, as India men’s team takes on New Zealand in the Men’s Triples Sectional Play – Section A, Round 1. Tania Choudhury will also feature at the same time in the Women’s Singles Sectional Play Round 1 event.

  • Jul 29, 2022 11:30 AM IST

    Commonwealth Games 2022 Live, Day 1: Hello and welcome!

    Hello and welcome to the live coverage of the Commonwealth Games 2022! It’s an action-packed opening day for India with Indian women’s cricket and hockey teams beginning their campaigns against Australia and Ghana respectively. The paddlers will also be in action in the men’s and women’s events, while India meet Pakistan in the badminton mixed doubles. Will India have a positive start on Day 1 at the CWG? Stay tuned to find out!

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