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The cover to the Apollo 47 Technical Handbook

Image: Tim Hutchings

May’s first Gaming Shelf is an expanded edition of the usual column, which is incredibly appropriate considering the author we’re spotlighting, Tim Hutchings, has recently published a game that is over 1,200 pages long. In addition to Hutchings’ work, we’ve got a quintet of new releases and a pretty large list of other news items, so stick around to the end!

Creator Spotlight: Tim Hutchings

Tim Hutchings established himself as an indie design force with the 2020 release of Thousand Year Old Vampire, a solo journaling game where you follow a journal full of prompts while managing pools of traits that include Memories, Resources, and Skills. A lonesome, wistful game, Thousand Year Old Vampire explores the ravages of time on the undead, and the presentation of the game is wonderfully evocative, made of collages and pages full of pastiched illustrations and scraps of paper. The game won three Ennies, and a sequel (tentatively titled So You Met A Thousand Year Old Vampire) is currently in the works. I think it’s also important to note, for the sake of understanding the kind of guy Hutchings is, that he signs off his emails “high fives, tim” which is, frankly, delightful.

Apollo 47 is Hutchings’ newest game, and while the game itself is, in print, about 12 pages, the full Technical Handbook (available via DriveThruRPG’s print on demand service) is one thousand times bigger, sitting at 1,200 pages, where literally 99% of this book is reproduced NASA documents intended as story prompts. It is, in Hutchings’ words, “an absurd folly of a game,” and while I agree, I love it. I love absurdity, I love chatter, I love Apollo 47.

The premise is simple, and it starts within an alternate timeline where by 1986 the USA has achieved 46 moon-landing missions. Between a group of 2-6 people, one of you is an astronaut attempting to fix small, mundane problems, and the others are the non-stop mission control radio chatter in your ear. Lending itself to the comedy of the mundane and absurd, this game is Office Space but you’re actually in space, making Apollo 47 an in-game experiment about creating tension within mundane observational humor and jargon.

New Releases: Here There Be Monsters, Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes, Fear the Taste of Blood, Heartswood, Primal Quest 

The cover to Here There Be Monsters!

If this absolutely sick art by Lino Arruda doesn’t immeidately make you want to purchase wendi yu’s here, there, be monsters! nothing I say is going to change that. But this game “is a rules-lite response to monster-hunting media from the point of view of the monsters,” said yu in an email. “It’s a love letter and a middle finger to stuff like Hellboy and the BPRD, the SCP Foundation, the Men in Black, the Laundry Files series, the World of Darkness games, and the Urban Fantasy genre in general. It is an explicitly queer, antifascist and anticapitalist game about the monstrous and the weird, in any flavor you want, not as something to be feared, but to be cherished and protected.”

The interior of this game is also really wonderfully made, filled with neon colors, bold illustrations, and details that really make this a work of art. Players create the Other as a character who is fighting against a world that wants to use, abuse, or annihilate you. It uses tags to create characters and includes a ton of tables to help spark creativity in the moment.

Image for article titled The Gaming Shelf Heads to Space, and Brings Back Tabletop News

Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes, written by Michael Addison and Banana Chan and published by Nerdy Pup Games, is a gonzo-apocalyptic game that takes inspiration from media like Tank Girl, the My Chemical Romance album Danger Days, and Kipo and the Wonderbeasts. Utilizing a skill progression track that is meant to be marked up with stickers, Outlaw Wastes really embraces some of the absurdity of its premise in the execution of the game itself. Sure, this is an ashcan release, but I found the concept incredibly well-realized, the unique play system is tightly designed, and the art absolutely blew me away. I cannot over-emphasize how much you need to pick this one up immediately.

Image for article titled The Gaming Shelf Heads to Space, and Brings Back Tabletop News

In Fear the Taste of Blood, characters take on different aspects of creature feature stories, playing the setting, the monster, or the survivors, using both dice and cards to determine both damage done and add flavor to the campaign.

Illustration by Sarah Gordon

A short game, The Heartswood by Grant Howitt is a psychological exploration of heartbreak, where players take on different aspects of a person’s psyche after a split between you and your romantic partner.

Image for article titled The Gaming Shelf Heads to Space, and Brings Back Tabletop News

Described as “stone and sorcery,” Diego Nogueira’s Primal Quest takes you to the land before time, mashing up prehistoric humans and dinosaurs to explore an extreme and brutal world. The game utilizes a streamlined D6 dice pool mechanic and includes some amazing illustrations and a fantastic hexmap adventure. Check out Cave of our Peoples for a ready-to-play Primal Quest adventure.

Crowdfunding: We Deal in Lead, Far Horizons’ Guide to Cults, Lunar Echoes

Image for article titled The Gaming Shelf Heads to Space, and Brings Back Tabletop News

We Deal in Lead is a dark fantasy Western RPG by Colin Le Sueur for one or more players. Streamlined rules, fast character creation, and gameplay built on exploration and player choice… Set in a strange post-apocalyptic world eerily close to ours, where the borders of time and space wear thin, you are Gunslingers, mythic champions holding off the forces of chaos with lead and grit.”

 Artwork for Redford Hollow by Carly A.F

“The Far Horizons Guide to Cults is a collection of cults, conspiracies, strange religions, and other mysterious organizations that can act as allies, antagonists, or simply set dressing for just about any tabletop roleplaying game out there. It’s being created by a talented group of writers, editors, designers, and artists to provide a resource for anyone creating, modifying, or filling out a setting.”

Image for article titled The Gaming Shelf Heads to Space, and Brings Back Tabletop News

“The Sustainable Gaming Forum is itchfunding to raise funds to create a print run of our new Solarpunk game, Lunar Echoes. Lunar Echos is a GM-less TTRPG where you guide your characters on adventures around the future moon of Panga, a moon that has been split into two worlds: the Human and the Wild.”

In Other News:

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