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‘Cuphead’ animated series comes to Netflix February 18th

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You won’t have to wait as long for Netflix’s Cuphead show as you did for the video game. Netflix has revealed The Cuphead Show premieres February 18th, and has offered a trailer to show just what you can expect. At first glance, fans of the difficult-but-loveable side-scroller don’t have much to worry about — Studio MDHR’s signature 1930s art style and characters have successfully made the leap, even if this is still a modern cartoon in many respects.

The trailer shows Cuphead and his easily-persuaded brother Mugman getting into plenty of trouble by visiting the “Carnevil,” among other hijinks. They’ll have to contend with the Devil and King Dice as well as friends that include Ms. Chalice (from the game’s upcoming Delicious Last Course DLC), Elder Kettle and the pig shopkeeper. You can also see several of the game’s lesser bosses make cameo appearances in the clip.

The series stars voice acting veterans Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro as Cuphead and Mugman respectively, with Wayne Brady as King Dice. It’s too early to say if The Cuphead Show will be as popular as some of Netflix’s other video game endeavors, but the influence of Studio MDHR creators Chad and Jared Moldenhauer (who helped executive-produce the show) is clear. This appears to be a sincere nod to what made the game special, not just an attempt to milk its success and widen its audience.

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