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Exo-6 TNG Q, Boba Fett Nerf Blaster

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Image: Hasbro, EXO-6, McFarlane

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9’s regular round up of the latest toy news around the internet. This week The Book of Boba Fett meets Nerf, McFarlane dives deep into the Batman rogues’ gallery, and EXO-6’s latest Star Trek figure takes a trip to the Q Continuum. Check it out!

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Image: Hasbro

Hasbro Nerf LMTD Star Wars Boba Fett’s EE-3 Blaster

It seems that for every Disney+ Star Wars series we’re getting, Nerf is planning to foam dart-arize one of the weapons featured in the show—and we’re totally fine with that. For The Mandalorian we got a $120 dart-hurling replica of Din Djarin’s Amban phase-pulse blaster, and for The Book of Boba Fett we’re getting a $110 replica of the ex-bounty hunter’s EE-3 blaster. It includes “series-accurate blaster” sound effects, an illuminated lens, and 13 Nerf Elite darts, which are loaded using three, four-shot drums. You won’t find the 30-inch long blaster showing up on store shelves until early 2023, but you can pre-order it on Hasbro Pulse until March 31.

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McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Clayface Mega Action Figure

Of all the Batman films Hollywood has delivered over the years, it’s a crime that none have given Clayface the amount of silver screen time he deserves. A murderous lump of shape-shifting clay? That sounds equal parts terrifying and terrific, as McFarlane Toys’ new Clayface MegaFig clearly demonstrates. Standing eight inches tall with 22 points of articulation, the figure is based on the character’s appearance in DC Rebirth, and is available for pre-order from Amazon now for $40, with delivery expected sometime in mid-April.

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Image: EXO-6

EXO-6 Star Trek: The Next Generation Judge Q 1/6 Scale Action Figure

Oh mon capitaines, what have we gotten ourselves into here? EXO-6’s latest Star Trek action figure heads back to TNG, but not for a Starfleet hero… instead a bit more of a menace, really. John de Lancie’s iconic annoyance Q, rendered here in his haughty “Judge” uniform from his very first appearance in the show’s pilot, the 1/6 scale figure comes with an alternate smirking head—because duh, it’s Q—as well as an array of hands to pose him either gesticulating at Picard or ready to change reality with a twirl of his fingers and a snap. He’s set to release later this year, for $205.

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Pottery Barn Kids Lego Collection

Struggling with kids turning their bedroom floors into a minefield of random Lego pieces? Pottery Barn Kids now lets you embrace the chaos and simply turn all of that Lego into the room’s decor with a new collection of decor and room accessories. The best piece might be the $209 Lego-themed bed quilt featuring a brick-built dragon on the front, but you’ll want to pair it with the Lego maze organic sheet set that starts at $89 for the smallest size and features a design made up of a complex maze of staircases and platforms. We’ll also point out that is a crime against AFOLs that the $46 Lego-themed organic pajama set isn’t available in adult sizes.

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Theory Eleven The Beatles Premium Playing Cards

Not that it ever really went away, but interest in the Beatles has ramped back up again thanks to Peter Jackson’s Get Back documentary now streaming on Disney+. If you find yourself now obsessed with everything about the Fab Four, head on over to Theory Eleven, makers of some of the most beautifully themed playing cards you’ll ever lay eyes on, where you can now grab a Beatles-themed deck in one of four different color schemes. Caricatures of Paul, John, Ringo, and George have been incorporated into the deck’s design, as well as colors and iconography from the group’s Sgt. Pepper era. Each deck will set you back $10, but you can also grab all four colors at once in a special edition box set with premium packaging for $100.

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Adventure Force Water Strike Gatling Blast Pressurized Water Blaster

Is January too early to start planning for warm weather activities? Obviously not. Walmart has revealed several of Adventure Force’s new water blasters including the Water Strike Gatling Water Blaster that, as the name implies, features a spinning barrel. The feature is more fun than functional, but the blaster promises 35-foot streams and a sizeable 62-ounce water tank providing 23 shots between quick refills thanks to an oversized filling tube on the back. Unlike most pressure-powered water guns that require multiple pumps, the Water Strike is a one-pump-per-shot affair. It’s available from Walmart’s online store for about $22, and presumably in brick-and-mortar stores in the very near future.

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