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Get a DevOps and Linux education for just $15

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Master DevOps and the Linux command line with The Linux & Docker Coding Bundle.

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While Linux still faces obstacles to infiltrating the desktop market, it’s becoming more mainstream than ever. Thanks to its considerable power and scripting capabilities, Linux is an attractive option for anybody looking to diversify their digital skill set.

If you’re looking to raise your earning potential, get ahead of the curve, and become an expert in an increasingly mainstream technology, check out The Linux & Docker Coding Bundle.

This bundle includes six courses and 34 hours of content from Coding Gears. Coding Gears instructors have more than 20 years of experience in a variety of technical areas, including with containerization and Linux. Over the past decade, Coding Gears has helped thousands of students learn the most in-demand tech skills on the market.

In this bundle, you’ll master the Linux Command Line, starting with the absolute basics. You’ll be able to work with Linux files and folders, navigate the Linux File System and even create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance to practice cloud computing. Soon, you’ll advance to bash shell scripting, being able to write scripts to automate repeated administrative tasks. You will learn how to use conditions and loops effectively to supercharge your productivity and gain in-depth knowledge to become a Secure Shell (SSH) power user.

Eventually, you’ll get into DevOps basics, too. You’ll learn how to package an application with all of its dependencies, deploy it as a Docker container and much more. There’s also a course on YAML fundamentals designed specifically for aspiring DevOps engineers in which you’ll be able to properly structure YAML documents in both block style and flow style.

Get up to speed with Linux and Docker. Grab The Linux & Docker Coding Bundle for just $15 for a limited time today. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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