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Google’s long-rumored smartwatch could arrive on May 26th

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There have been rumblings for quite some time that Google has been beavering away on its own smartwatch. Rumors last month suggested a Google-branded watch , and now we have a slightly clearer idea of when it might debut.

Leaker Jon Prosser the watch is currently slated to arrive on May 26th, noting that this is “the first we’ve seen a set date on the device behind the scenes.” While that seems on the surface like an oddly specific date for something so far away, the timing lines up with the developer conference, which usually takes place in May.

As with most smartwatches in the Android ecosystem, the smartwatch is expected to have a circular face, albeit with no physical bezel. It will likely have a heart rate sensor and other features adopted from Fitbit, which . The device could show off the extent of what can do and be positioned as an competitor.

The release date isn’t set in stone, of course. Nor is the name of the device, despite suggestions that it’ll be called Pixel Watch. Still, it’s something for Android and Pixel enthusiasts to keep an eye on.

Other rumors a Pixel 6a smartphone is coming in May as well. It’s expected to use the as the Pixel 6, though Google in the budget model.

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