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Hardware purchasing task list | TechRepublic

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Following a formal procedure for IT hardware procurements will benefit your organization by streamlining purchasing, implementing checks and balances, establishing standards to optimize your business model and reducing fraud.

This list, which complements our IT hardware procurement policy, will walk you through the necessary purchasing tasks and responsibilities to make sure each step of the process is addressed.

Items on the list include:

  • Obtaining initial business division owner approval to proceed.
  • Establishing a project team consisting of representatives from the business division, legal, global change office, enterprise risk management/security services and IT/enterprise architecture.
  • Conducting a market analysis of available sources.
  • Developing an RFP.
  • Building an appropriations request and business case.
  • Executing the contract.
  • Documenting the hardware, including redundancy, recovery and downtime scenarios.
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