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Hiring kit: Database administrator | TechRepublic

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Useful and actionable information is the engine of success that drives the modern business enterprise. Properly collecting, storing and processing business data is what provides the fuel for that success engine. The database administrator is responsible for determining how data will be collected, structured and stored so that it can be accessed and processed when it is needed.

From the hiring kit:

The database administrator will work with an interdepartmental team to assess business-generated data with a goal toward determining the most effective and efficient way that data will be collected, structured and stored for our business needs.

The database administrator will:

  • Identify database requirements by interviewing stakeholders and analyzing department applications, programming requirements and general operations.
  • Evaluate existing systems and applications and use that information to design and propose new and updated systems.
  • Recommend solutions by defining database physical structures and functional capabilities and establishing database security, data backup and recovery specifications.
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