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Learn how to visualize data like a pro

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This big data training bundle introduces you to Alteryx, Tableau and more.

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It’s one thing to collect data, it’s another to understand what it’s saying, and it’s still another to be able to communicate those points to others. That’s where visualization comes in, but visualizing massive amounts of data isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you need a more advanced big data visualization education. You can get that in The 2022 Big Data Visualization Toolkit Bundle.

Starting out, you’ll focus on Alteryx, learning how to build visual workflows from data and use those workflows to cut out repetitive tasks. From there, you’ll delve into Tableau, one of the market-leading data analytics and business intelligence tools. You’ll start with a beginner-friendly introduction, learning how to navigate Tableau, connect to data sources, and create interactive charts and dashboards before graduating to more advanced skills.

There are also courses on using Python and Pandas for Python, R programming and an introduction to Qlik Sense to give you a versatile education that you can use for a wide range of visualization purposes.

Learn how to use data more effectively. Get The 2022 Big Data Visualization Toolkit Bundle for just $39 for a limited time.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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