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Lego’s Spinning 3D Globe Is Perfect for Adults Who Love to Build

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When the first true Lego sets arrived decades ago they were targeted at kids, but as those kids grew into adults, they never stopped loving the building bricks. As a result, adult fans of Lego (or AFOLs) have always been a driving force behind the toy’s popularity, but it’s only in recent years the company has started catering to them specifically with sets featuring more grownup themes and designs.

There’s nothing wrong with an adult grabbing up the latest Lego Star Wars models. But for those who love building with the plastic bricks but don’t necessarily want shelves filled with spaceships and superheroes, Lego’s introduced alternatives including pop culture-inspired portraits, a monstrous map of the world that’s officially the company’s largest set to date, and even a staggeringly detailed replica of the ill-fated Titanic. Its latest creation is not only a technically-challenging build, it would also look right at home in a study or an office because nothing makes you look smarter than a globe sitting on your desk.

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