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Little Archie and Bite-Sized Archie Comics Preview Exclusive

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Kid versions of Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty as designed by Erin Hunting.

Image: Archie Comics

The Riverdale incarnation of Archie Comics is so popular, it can be tough sometimes to remember that the original Archie rarely if ever dealt with serial killers, ritual sacrifice, and whatever the hell this was. This means there’s a good chance that you—like me—have been sleeping on the adventures of the even more kid-friendly Archie comics. That needs to stop now, and I’ve got proof.

First off, there’s the Bite-Sized Archie webcomic, whose first year of strips are being collected in a graphic novel coming this May. We have a sample set of six, and I absolutely adore them all. But Bite-Sized Archie is not to be confused with Little Archie, who’s getting a one-shot comic special in April. It’s titled Fun With Little Archie & Friends Special, and features the Riverdale rugrats getting thrown into a cavalcade of game parodies courtesy of Sabrina the Teenage Witch—and we’ve got a preview of that, too. Enjoy!

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