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New Zealand star Hayden Wilde suffered the cruellest of blows as he was on track to win a gold medal in the Men’s Triathlon Sprint Distance final, but he was dinged with a 10-second penalty for unclipping his bike helmet early.

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It appeared that Wilde knew he was penalised towards the end of the race, as he was neck-and-neck with England’s Alex Yee before letting the Englishman go through and enjoy his moment in the spotlight as the Kiwi pulled off to the side to serve his penalty.

‘Greater risk’: Comm Games fans issued monkeypox, STI warning amid ‘party atmosphere’

Stock up on sun cream, hats and condoms — and be aware of monkeypox at the Birmingham 2022.

That’s the advice from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) to the tens of thousands of visitors attending the Commonwealth Games.

The UKHSA is warning of possible infections spreading in the city, as well as sexually transmitted diseases and the effects of hot weather combined with excessive boozing.

With the weather set to be sunny and hot over the course of the Games, Caryn Cox, health protection consultant with UKHSA West Midlands, is advising people to stay hydrated and practice safe sex.

“The Met Office is forecasting a sizzling few weeks during the Games, so we all need to slap on the sun cream, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, seek shade at the hottest times of the day (11am to 3pm) and stay hydrated.

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“Having so many people coming together to watch the Games and enjoy the celebratory events taking place across the region, there is a greater risk of spreading infections, whether it’s a stomach bug that can spread by poor hand hygiene or infections including COVID-19.

“In both instances, it’s best to stay at home if you’re ill. Also, it’s advisable that you’re up to date with your routine vaccinations, like MMR, MenACWY and COVID-19 before mixing with lots of people.

“With a party atmosphere and lots of people visiting the region, it’s really important to practise safe sex, to prevent possible spread of sexually transmitted infections. So, remember to use condoms, and if you’ve had unprotected sex, get tested for STIs.

“While monkeypox isn’t an STI, it can be transmitted through close physical contact, so look out for any symptoms and contact a sexual health clinic if you suspect you may have that or any sexually transmitted infection.”

via News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom

Follow all the action from Day One of the Commonwealth Games in our LIVE BLOG below!

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