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Mobile app development policy | TechRepublic

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The purpose of this policy from TechRepublic Premium is to provide guidelines for developing mobile applications from a security, procedural and best practices standpoint. While it contains technical guidelines, it is not intended to serve as a programming guide but as a framework for operations.

This policy can be customized as needed to fit your organization’s needs.

From the policy:


These guidelines should be implemented to foster the best possible build process for mobile apps:

  • Identify potential users of the app (also known as the audience) and involve them in the design/testing process to build upon feedback and ensure desirable/useful elements are incorporated in the app. Focus on making the app inherently easy to use/control based on audience needs and responses.
  • Devise a storyboard for the mobile app to explain its objective, function and features. This will help with the design as well as the scope of the app and reduce the risk of unwanted/unnecessary elements.
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