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Moonfall, Austin Powers, Transformers: Silly Sci-Fi Movie Moons

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Image for article titled 10 Spectacularly Silly Depictions of the Moon in Sci-Fi Movies

Image: Astor Pictures

Despite what that luridly colored DVD cover might have you believe, 1953’s Cat-Women of the Moon is actually a black-and-white movie, though it was originally released in 3D. The plot is about what you’d expect: astronauts (including, gasp, a woman!) travel to the moon, where they’re shocked to encounter a population of glamorous, leotard-clad, vaguely feline beauties. The Cat-Women have determined that Earth is a more sustainable home than the moon, and set about trying to steal the spaceship using their powers of seduction (cue the slinky modern dance number) and telepathic mind control. Cat-Women of the Moon was remade just a few years later as 1958’s Missile to the Moon, which changes the plot a tad (adding in some younger characters, including a pair of tough-talking stowaways) but replicates certain elements—there’s yet another slinky modern-dance number, this time with more elaborate costumes. It even recycles the same props that brought the first film’s giant B-movie spider monsters (aack!) to life.

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