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MSP best practices: PC deployment checklist

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For managed services providers, deploying new PCs and performing desktop and laptop migrations are common but perilous tasks. The adage “you’re only as good as your last performance” certainly applies. An MSP and its technicians can get everything right, complete a client’s complex cloud migrations, and perform remote work initiatives and proprietary business application upgrades, but make mistakes deploying a single new workstation and — regardless of whether it’s fair — those PC errors are often the experience the client remembers.

One reason new PC deployments and system migrations commonly cause trouble is that there’s so much to remember. Typically the new system must be properly connected to a Windows domain and proprietary business and industry-specific applications must be installed, as must utilities and management and monitoring agents. Local data must be migrated, when applicable — and don’t forget printers. I remember reversing course and returning to a client when I once remembered forgetting that step. Using a checklist will help you reduce or eliminate client complaints, remote follow-ups and return visits.

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