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NFC Championship: Dedicated Eagles fan to attend 323rd home game at Lincoln Financial Field

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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — When the Eagles take the field on Sunday it will be the 323rd consecutive time John Hartnett has sat in the stands to cheer on his team.

For many of us, we’d call that a super fan flex, but for the 67-year-old this is just another game.

To say Hartnett is a loyal fan is an understatement. He’s been a diehard fan of the Eagles since the early 70s.

Hartnett has been to nearly every game except one in the 80s and during Covid when fans were not allowed inside the Lincoln Financial Field.

“There was one game where they played it on a Tuesday night because it snowed in town. And I was actually sick that day and I still went to the game. Nobody would go to the game with me because they were afraid that they’d get sick,” said Hartnett.

He jokes that now that he’s retired he doesn’t have to call out sick the next day after night games at the Linc.

Hartnett also says this Sunday won’t feel any different than the last 322 games — only that he might be a little more nervous.

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