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Ooni’s pizza ovens are 20 percent off for Black Friday

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Serious home pizza chefs who are looking to up their game may want to consider offerings. The pizza oven company is running a sitewide Black Friday sale with 20 percent off all its products. At the lower end, the , nearly $70 off the regular price. At the other end of the scale is the Ooni Karu 16, which is .

Shop Ooni Black Friday sale
Buy Fyra 12 at Ooni – $279
Buy Karu 16 at Ooni – $639

We’ve frequently recommended Ooni’s pizza ovens . They’re relatively easy to use and deliver fairly consistent results, so if you’re eager to make pizza at home and don’t mind paying for a dedicated oven, it’s worth considering these.

The Fyra 12 seems like a solid option for folks who often host family and friends and are into pizza parties. It bakes 12-inch pies in as little as one minute, and it uses wood pellets to heat up to 950 degrees in just 15 minutes. If you’re well-organized, you’ll be able to crank out a bunch of pizzas quickly with the right toppings to keep everyone happy. Since it has foldable legs and a detachable chimney (and weighs a relatively slight 22 pounds), the Fyra 12 is reasonably portable too, so it may even be an option for camping trips.

At the upper end, the Karu 16 also has a mounted digital thermometer and a glass door. You can opt to cook pizzas in the Karu 16 using wood, charcoal or gas, though you’ll need an attachment for the latter. Speaking of accessories, those are 20 percent off as part of Ooni’s sale as well. Depending on where you are, you might want to wait a few months before cooking outside is a more practical option again. But, hey, if you snap up one of Ooni’s pizza ovens now, you’ll be ready to roll by the time spring comes back around.

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