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PS5 hit ‘Returnal’ is coming to PC early 2023

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You won’t need to pick up a PlayStation 5 to understand the fuss over Returnal. Housemarque has announced that a PC version of the sci-fi roguelite will be available in early 2023. There aren’t many details of what’s new at this stage, but it’s safe to presume there will be plenty of visual splendor like in the PS5 release.

Apart from its graphics, Returnal is best known for its merciless third-person action. You’re not only going to face seemingly impossible odds, you’re practically expected to die frequently (as you do in many roguelites). It’s integral to the story — you play Selene, a woman stranded on an alien planet trying to find answers every time she comes back to life. While the difficulty is at times frustrating, the mechanics are solid enough that you might enjoy repeating an extra-challenging segment.

We’d expect some technical features to carry over from the PS5 edition, such as 4K ray-traced graphics and 3D audio. It’s not clear if features like the DualSense-oriented haptic feedback will make the cut. However, there’s little doubt that Returnal will shine on a sufficiently powerful PC.

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