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ReCover Packaging offers technology with film ‘welded to tray’

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Suitable for use with vacuum-formed trays as well as pre-formed trays, ReCover is available with a high barrier option and can be used with ready meals.

Ken Adams, founder, said ReCover is ‘the thinnest reclosable material available’ and can be applied at high speed.

Easy-peel films often have a narrow processing window with the end result of requiring consumers to use a knife or scissors – for this product the film is welded to the tray.

It also eliminates the need for cling film or sandwich bags which cannot be easily recycled.

“The technology has the potential to make a huge impact both on food waste and on plastic waste, as well as offering significant convenience for consumers.”

ReCover Packaging says that, compared with existing re-closing solutions, its technology has been shown to be cost-neutral, and offers manufacturers cost savings while improving the pack’s functionality.

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