Next year, Rimac Group will launch a recruitment drive at the Rimac Technology UK R&D center in Warwickshire. The company is looking to employ new talent across multiple divisions for key manufacturer projects as well as for Project 3 Mobility, another Rimac company, and a new energy storage initiative. Rimac Technology is engaged in programs with Aston Martin, Porsche, Hyundai, Kia, Automobili Pininfarina and Koenigsegg, which new team members may have a chance to be part of, along with a number of other exciting ventures.

Throughout 2023, Rimac Technology UK will be advertising roles in battery systems engineering at all levels; mechanical design engineering at all levels; electric engineering in embedded software, functional safety, software development, battery management systems and embedded hardware; project purchasing; manufacturing engineering; business development; control systems; body engineering; trim, electric engineering and software; and vehicle engineering.

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