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Rochdale businesses see benefits of data technology

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Two small businesses are seeing the benefits of adopting new data and technology.

GJD Manufacturing and Heatsense Cables, both based in Rochdale are using data and system integration technology from Made Smarter to help transform their business.

By using the technology the businesses have been able to spot trends in production and labour, correct maintenance and quality issues, and minimise safety, business risk and operational downtime throughout their production.

Alain Dilworth, programme manager for the Made Smarter’s North West adoption programme, said: “Data and analytics are central to the fourth industrial revolution, so it is encouraging that so many of this region’s makers are embracing the opportunities that these tools offer.

“Capturing the data from across their processes and bringing it all together in one place is a vital first step for many manufacturers looking to solve problems and recognise opportunities. It also becomes a platform for the next step, one which some are already taking, is to analyse the data using artificial intelligence.

“Over the last four years Made Smarter has supported 2,500 businesses with grant funding, skills training and leadership advice. We are keen to start more conversations with SME manufacturers about how we can help them.”

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