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Salesforce to debut new Matthew McConaughey ad during NFL Thanksgiving games

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There’s no mention of the metaverse in the new ad, unlike February’s spot, which characterized the metaverse as a space to resist. “While the others look to the metaverse and Mars, let’s stay here and restore ours,” McConaughey said in the first installment, encouraging sustainability over virtual reality. Salesforce doesn’t have a metaverse strategy, but it is piloting its own NFT marketplace to provide a no-code solution to customers.

“The March” also takes a small shot at so-called “cancel culture”—“Let’s have less cancellation, and more conversation,” McConaughy says. 

The ad’s debut on Thanksgiving isn’t just because Americans will already be thinking about gratitude, Franklin said. The worsening economic situation in the U.S. and across the globe means that businesses are having to adjust accordingly, which Franklin sees as a perfect time to consider more responsible business practices. Having a strong environmental, social and governance position, for example, can help a company expand into new markets, she said. Sustainability can also give employees a sense of purpose, she said. 

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