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Photo: Ronald Martinez (Getty Images)

Paris Hilton is no stranger to trying any sort of business venture, questionable or otherwise. The heiress has at least one failed fashion line, a music career that tanked after producing a single album, and more B-grade acting roles than you can probably count. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that when NFT’s became the new hot thing in the middle of last year, Hilton jumped on the trend faster than you could say “The Simple Life,” selling her first collection in April of last year.

If the phrase “Paris Hilton NFT Collection” doesn’t make your head spin, then maybe the names of some of these pieces might; there’s “Hummingbird In My Metaverse,” which is just an image of a pink hummingbird splashed against a pink Lisa Frank-esque background. There’s also “Legendary Love,” which features a statue of Hilton’s iconic dog, Tinkerbell, that died back in 2015, and another named “Iconic Crypto Queen,” featuring a glossy, robotic recreation of Hilton herself.

While those first two pieces sold out pretty quickly, the Crypto Queen artwork is still being auctioned off, and currently sits at the low, low price of about $2.5 million dollars.

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