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California Legalizes Human Composting for Green Burials

Katrina Spade, the CEO of Recompose, poses with mulch made from a dead cow in 2019.Photo: Elaine Thompson (AP)In a few years, people in California will have a new choice for what to do with their loved ones’ bodies after death: put them

Emerging technology trends revolutionising agriculture

Which agri-tech and smart farming technologies should you watch out for? The agriculture industry is poised for a revolution as it’s forced to deal with increasing demands and constraints. By 2050, the world’s population is predicted…

The Newest Victim in Texas’ Droughts: Cotton

Texas Tech University estimates that the state’s economy could lose $2.1 billion.Image: Sabrina Janelle Gordon (Shutterstock)As droughts continue to sweep across the United States, Texas is in a precarious position. The state’s

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