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Apple Is Betting a Billion Dollars on Theatrical Releases

The films under the alleged deal are expected to release sometime this year.Image: Arturo Holmes (Getty Images)Everybody’s favorite streaming service—no, not ad-free Netflix—is gearing up to become the next great studio coming to a

Feds Stalked Suspects With an Apple AirTag, Report Says

Apple AirTags can be useful for things like finding your keys or keeping tabs on luggage. But it’s also well-established that the small quarter-sized tracking devices, can be employed in some less-than-savory ways. People have sued over…

iPhones Will Soon Have Voice Isolation in Calls

iPhone users who still use their phone as an actual—you know—phone will soon have the ability to filter out background noise to make those calls clearer, with the coming advent of iOS 16.4 and new implementations for Voice I