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Arrowverse Connection Revealed, New Diggle

Screenshot: The CWFor all those people who still lie awake at night, eyes wide open, unable to sleep, because they still can’t figure out how the CW’s Superman & Lois fits into the larger Arrowverse, I have to assume you finally got

The Flash May Be Ezra Miller’s Last DC Project

Image: Warner Bros.The saga of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Flash movie has been a long one, and in recent weeks, much of it has revolved around its lead actor, Ezra Miller. Earlier in the month, it was reported that despite Miller’s string of

Legends of Tomorrow Worst Screw-Ups Superlist Arrowverse

Okay, this is a bit of a Rube Goldbergian cause-and-effect chain, but bear with me. The team is fighting Neron, the demon who owns Constantine’s soul, and is looking for a new, living vessel to inhabit. Constantine sets a trap using (a…

The CW Cancels Legends of Tomorrow & Batwoman

Image: The CWThe CW is saying goodbye to two of its bigger shows from the long running Arrowverse. Legends of Tomorrow, the spinoff of Arrow and Flash focused on those shows’ respective C-listers traveling through time and saving

DC Brings Arrowverse Shows Together for Comic Crossover

Inset of Earth-Prime #1 cover by Clayton Henry.Image: DC ComicsOf all the different DC superhero shows airing on the CW, only Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash have managed to transition (briefly) back into comics, and you’ll note that two

Ava DuVernay Reveals Trailer for New Arrowverse Series

Photo: Fernando Decillis/The CWThere hasn’t seemed to be a lot of promotion for the next TV series to join the CW’s Arrowverse, Naomi. This is strange because it comes from Selma’s Ava DuVernay, and unfortunate because this new trailer

Stephen Yeun Teases Recording Soon

You might be waiting a while for the next slice of Invincible.Image: Amazon StudiosThe Dear David viral tweet adaptation has found its cast. Chris Miller teases the scope and confidence of Across the Spider-Verse. New Scream material

Warner Bros and ViacomCBS Looking to Sell Off the CW

Just some DC characters, having a Crisis, as they’re wont to do.Image: The CWLater this year, it’ll have been a decade since Arrow hit The CW, establishing the first elementsof a whole DC universe on the small screen that would change