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Artifact’s AI Will Rewrite Clickbaity Headlines

Tired of search engine optimization run amok? After allowing users to flag some articles as clickbait, the Artifact news app now says it wants users to mark clickbait headlines they come across so it can rewrite the title text using AI.…

How Does ChatGPT Work? What Is an AI ‘Black Box’?

Photo: Amir Sajjad (Shutterstock)Maybe AI-Written Scripts are a Bad Idea?For some people, the term “black box” brings to mind the recording devices in airplanes that are valuable for postmortem analyses if the unthinkable happens. For

AI Is Changing How Americans Find Jobs and Get Promoted

Image: Stokkete (Shutterstock)ChatGPT’s Creator Buddies Up to Congress | Future TechAdvancements in human capital management systems, more strategic and data-driven human resource and talent management practices, and increased attention