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PagerDuty CEO Apologizes for MLK Quote in Layoff Email

Photo: Steve Jennings (Getty Images)PagerDuty CEO Jennifer Tejada, the author of the worst tech layoff email in recent months, wants you to know that she’s sorry. In hindsight, she said,refusing to say the word “layoffs” and quoting

Technology vendor of the year: Adenza

One pillar of the reforms agreed after the bank bail-outs of 2008 was the mandatory clearing of over-the-counter derivatives – an attempt to ensure counterparty exposure was being calculated centrally, and margined…

Crunchyroll Reveals Nominees for 2023 Anime Awards

Image: Wit Studio/FunimationWe left 2022 behind in the dust weeks ago, but there’s still awards to be given for the previous year’s top movies and TV shows. It’s the same for anime too, as Crunchyroll finally unveiled the list of