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5 wise MLB wagers for Oct. 1 and Oct. 2, 2022

This article was contributed by DraftKings. For more sports betting insights, check out DraftKings. The first weekend of October is here, but it also marks the last weekend of MLB regular-season betting. Here’s how to approach it via…

2022 Dodgers win 109 games stats and facts

With a 10-1 win Friday night, the Dodgers notched their 109th victory of the season. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. The Dodgers’ 109-win season is just the ninth instance overall of a team winning that many games, and…

Phillies snap five-game losing streak vs. Nationals

WASHINGTON -- Breathe, Phillies. The Phils beat the Nationals, 5-1, in Game 1 of Friday’s doubleheader at Nationals Park, snapping a five-game losing streak and reducing their postseason magic number to five with six games to play. Game…

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