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Riverdale to End After Its Ridiculous Seventh Season

Image: The CWAfter axing a massive slate of shows from its network, the CW turned its sights on another long-running, recognizable show: Riverdale. Deadline has revealed that this seventh season will be the last for the teen drama

The CW Cancels Legends of Tomorrow & Batwoman

Image: The CWThe CW is saying goodbye to two of its bigger shows from the long running Arrowverse. Legends of Tomorrow, the spinoff of Arrow and Flash focused on those shows’ respective C-listers traveling through time and saving

CW Orders DC TV Show Pilot, New Details

Damian’s making the leap to the CW... with some unlikely allies.Image: Gleb Melnikov/DC ComicsRenfield starts filming, and adds one more member to its cast. HBO’s Last of Us series will tweak the chronology of the games slightly. We’re

DC Brings Arrowverse Shows Together for Comic Crossover

Inset of Earth-Prime #1 cover by Clayton Henry.Image: DC ComicsOf all the different DC superhero shows airing on the CW, only Arrow, Supergirl, and The Flash have managed to transition (briefly) back into comics, and you’ll note that two

Runtime Reportedly Revealed, New Catwoman Poster

The Bat and the Cat are waiting for you.Image: Warner Bros.Jack Quaid promises The Boys will continue to be even more messed up in season 3. The shadow of Q lingers in a new Star Trek: Picard poster. Plus, what’s to come on Legends of

Disney Snow White Live Action Casts New Male “Lead” Role

“Okay, now which of you is my new co-star?”Image: DisneyThe Batman gets its rating, and it’s perhaps not what some people would’ve expected. Get a look at the Looney Tunes’ return to HBO Max. Plus, what’s coming on Legends of Tomorrow