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The Best PS Plus Games To Devour In A Weekend

Image: Maddy Thorson / Sony / Annapurna / KotakuFollowing a June revamp, Sony’s PS Plus service now has a games-on-demand library (well, provided you pay for the $15 “PS Plus Extra” tier). The on-demand catalog comprises hundreds of

The Best Cozy Games For Nintendo Switch

Screenshot: Giant SquidI know your mind is racing, so why don’t you sit down tonight with your Nintendo Switch and try out one of these six relaxing games? There’s time for it, I promise. I know that everything feels like a lot—there are

Tom Hiddleston Talks Loki on Jimmy Kimmel

Screenshot: Marvel StudiosSo it turns out Jason Sudeikis is not going to be in Blue Beetle, but that’s the rumor mill, isn’t it? We’ve also got a wee interview featuring Hayden Christensen chatting about Darth Vader and a few more

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