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What’s the Best Way to Cheat at Poker?

Online poker faces a cheating crisis. The AI revolution has imperiled the multi-billion dollar industry as computers continue to outshine humans at their own games. Poker-playing bots can now routinely thrash human experts, and it can be…

ChatGPT cheat sheet: Complete guide for 2023

Image: irissca/Adobe Stock ChatGPT reached 100 million monthly users in January, according to a UBS report, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history. The business world is interested in ChatGPT too, trying to find…

Microsoft PowerToys: A Cheat Sheet

Image: PhotoGranary/Adobe Stock No matter how many features Microsoft crams into its Windows 10 operating system, there will always be users looking for a faster, better or — at the very least — different way of doing things.…