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Captain America 4 Director Revealed: Julius Onah Joins MCU

Anthony Mackie will star in Captain America 4.Screenshot: Marvel Studios/Disney+Marvel Studios has found the man who’ll bring Captain America back to the big screen and it’s director Julius Onah. Onah, who made The Cloverfield Paradox,

Tell Us About Your Pop Culture Month: June 2022 Edition

Image: Netflix/Dreamworks Animation*cracks knuckles*Watched: Oh boy, I went through a bit of a tear with TV this month. Along with being taken in by Ms. Marvel and slowly catching up on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the biggest thing I

Pixar Film Has Weak Box Office Open

Image: Disney/PixarIt’s been awhile since we’ve had multiple big budget blockbusters all fighting for space in one weekend, but that’s what we’re getting now that Lightyear has released. The Toy Story semi-spinoff putting Chris Evans

What Kids Toy Should Get a Movie Next?

Image: PixarHaving conquered the hearts and minds of 90s kids with the Toy Story films, Pixar’s Lightyear is the franchise’s first attempt at a big, non-holiday short spinoff. The result is a movie that’s not half bad—if a little muddled