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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 Is a Nice Little Update

Photo: Florence Ion / GizmodoI liked the look of the Galaxy Watch 4. I thought it was simple, modern, and approachable for most people. The chassis isn’t too bulky, and the screen is vibrant and easy to navigate day or night. The Galaxy

The Tech We Had No Idea Would Become So Critical

Photo: GizmodoUpgrading the stock stereo system to a multi-disc system with DVD capabilities and a pop-up screen was one of the few ways the benefits of chips and electronics in cars were immediately obvious to the average consumer in

Apple Could Delay This Year’s iPadOS Release

Stage Manager could be the reason Apple needs extra time on iPadOS 16. Image: AppleSoftware updates can be messy, so it’s not surprising to hear recent rumorsthat Apple will spread out the launch of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 rather than

Gizmodo’s Wackiest Gadgets of 2002

DataPlay: The futuristic optical disc format that time forgotIn the early 2000s, there were serious efforts to find the next technological breakthrough that would succeed the CD. One of those was the DataPlay, a miniaturized version of a…

Spotify Gives Up On the Whole ‘Car Thing’

Spotify’s Car Thing is a neat trick, but it needs more functionality before it’s essential. Photo: Florence Ion / GizmodoR.I.P. to Car Thing, the Bluetooth dashboard accessory from Spotify that required you to use your smartphone

Drake Gifted $8000 Gaming PC From Twitch Streamer Xposed

While you’d all be aware that celebrities, despite their wealth, are given expensive shit for free all the time, today we’re going to take a look at one gift in particular. Partly because it’s a gaming PC, but also because we kinda have…

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