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Wonder Man TV Series Casts Its Villain, the Grim Reaper

Photo: Ryan Green/AMCEvery hero needs a villain, and Marvel’s Wonder Man—the alias of Hollywood-star-turned-indestructible-superhero Simon Williams—has the Grim Reaper, a bad guy best known for two things: 1) wielding a truly goofy

Archie Comics’ Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe of Horrors

Image: Archie ComicsWhat if Riverdale’s greatest cook—Pop Tate, of milkshake and burger-slinging diner fame—stopped using his regular recipes and picked up a copy of To Serve Man? Well, Archie Horror’s chilling new comic collection has

Batman Webtoon Wayne Family Adventures Heads to Bookstores

Image: DC Comics/WebtoonOver the last 80+ years, the various Batman comics have had their highs and lows. But no Batman comic has ever been as consistently delightful—and certainly not as heartwarming—as CRC Payne and Starbyie’s Batman

Caped Crusader Animated Series Revived By Amazon

Image: WB AnimationJames Gunn and Peter Safran are rebooting the DC Entertainment universe, but not all the projects announced before their arrival are dead. Case in point, Batman: Caped Crusader—the much-anticipated animated series from

Marvel Creates Comic Imprint for 20th Century Studios

Image: 20th Century StudiosLast year, the news broke that Marvel was releasing a new comic book for the Planet of the Apes franchise ahead of its eventual return to theaters in 2024. That future film will be released under the 20th