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Meet Bard, Google’s Answer to ChatGPT

Google has been experimenting with artificial intelligence over the past few years, but the company has only recently been feeling the heat from competitor OpenAI.Image: Ascannio (Shutterstock), achinthamb (Shutterstock)Nothing has made

Dell Cuts 6,600 Jobs as PC Sales Drop

The layoffs will impact approximately 5% of the company’s global workforce. Image: Brandon Bell (Getty Images)Dell is following in the footsteps of the wider tech industry and is laying off around 6,600 positions. The company is citing a

Season 3 Trailer Shows Upper Moons, New Opening

Image: Studio Ufotable/AniplexIt’ll only be a couple of months before Ufotable’s Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba returns for its third season. Season two received high marks when it came out, and its theatrical Mugen Train movie was a box

10 Class-Action Settlements That Could You Get Free Money

Cash rules everything around mePhoto: Tapati Rinchumrus (Shutterstock)You hear about class-action lawsuits all the time, like this one filed against Apple (based on a Gizmodo story!), or this other one against Apple (or this one or this