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How to Set Up Focus Mode on Android and iOS

Photo: Florence Ion / GizmodoHere’s a nice little addition for iOS users: you can set specifics within a couple of apps for whenever the phone slips into Focus. For instance, if you’d rather not have your work calendar yelling at you

Every Google Stadia Exclusive That Could Disappear Soon

Image: Q-Games / GoogleEarlier today, Google confirmed that its shutting down Stadia, its short-lived cloud gaming service. While the company plans on refunding all software and hardware purchases related to Stadia, the future of the few

Top 5 Cloud Computing Use Cases and Examples

From SaaS to NLP, we go beyond the acronyms and look at how cloud computing can be used in real life. Image:Blue Planet Studio/Adobe Stock Cloud computing has become a common phrase to hear among tech-savvy…

Sega Genesis Games Are Now Playable on the Analogue Pocket

The ‘90s rivalry between the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis was fierce, dividing playgrounds across the country. But three decades later, if you’ve managed to get your hands on an Analogue Pocket, you don’t have to take a side, as the…

Amazon’s Newest Smart Device Helps Track Your Sleep

The Halo Ring sits on a nightstand and senses your sleep. Screenshot: AmazonAmazon held an invite-only event today to introduce a batch of new connected devices to its smart home ecosystem, and we’re here to share the deets. The company

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