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Cooler Master Put a PC Inside a Shoe and a Shark

The Shark X PC case was originally designed by the user who goes by Inony for the Case Mod World Series in 2019.Image: Cooler MasterTaking direct inspiration from the realm of neato PC case mods, Cooler Master announced Wednesday during…

Cooler Master has a big ‘immersive’ gaming pod too

Why settle for a desk and an ultrawide monitor when you can buy a multi-purpose computing pod? That’s the question Cooler Master hopes the Orb X, its newly announced semi-enclosed work and gaming station (via Gizmodo), will prompt you to…

This Steam Deck dock has a thermoelectric cooler

If you're lucky enough to track down a Steam Deck, chances are you've already experienced the sweaty palm syndrome with this handheld console — just as our very own Jess Conditt did in her review. Worse yet, the machine is prone to…