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Government promises robust crypto regulation

Jason Guthrie, European head of digital assets at the financial firm, Wisdom Tree, said the sector had a bright future. The "devil would be in the detail", he told BBC News, but he "absolutely welcomed" regulators looking at…

How to Search Crypto, the Dark Web, More

Photo: chrisdorney (Shutterstock)Whaa..?? Yahoo Search claims that it’s about to reinvent the search game. Nothing could be more surprising. For the past decade or so, Yahoo has been pretty lackluster in the search department—so

Navigating Crypto Gaming In Blockchain

The newly emerging world of blockchain took a hit during the “crypto winter” between 2021 and 2022. The crash of FTX and more stood out as a lesson to be learned by everyone in the industry, which caused projects within the sector to…

US pursues North Korea in crypto war games

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Cryptofinance newsletter. Today we’re taking a look at North Korea’s activity in crypto markets.North Korea is often portrayed as a backward, economically stunted state, but if you…