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Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Amaze in Red Carpet Featurette

Image: Marvel Animation/DisneyWith Disney Channel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Marvel is aiming to bring to introduce young audiences to characters they otherwise may not have heard of. (That is, unless they’ve been playing Marvel

Microphone on NASA Rover Records Large Dust Devil on Mars

A graphic of the dust devil’s path over the Perseverance rover.Graphic: N. Murdoch / ISAE-SUPAEROResearchers working with a microphone aboard the Perseverance rover have managed to record sounds of a passing dust devil. The audio data

The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself Canceled by Netflix

Image: NetflixTV shows getting canceled are never fun, particularly when they’re at Netflix. The streamer puts out so much content that it’s hard to know what their metrics are for success—at least, until they vaguely allude to these