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Movie-Obsessed Horror Franchise Gets NYC Spin

Ghostface is back and this time he (she? they?) have a whole new playground.Image: ParamountThe ending of a Scream movie is always the best part. It’s what you’ve been waiting for: the reveal of who’s behind that now iconic mask and why

Scream VI Heads to the Big City in Its First Teaser

Screenshot: ParamountFun fact: The Ghostface mask, best known as the headwear of whoever decided to kill people in the various Scream movies, was created several years before the first Scream debuted in 1996. So it’s entirely plausible

Kevin Feige Teases Marvel Phase 5 Plan Reveal Coming Soon

Maybe he’ll wear a new hat for the occasion.Photo: Greg Doherty (Getty Images)Jason Blum thinks he could get Robert Englund to return to Nightmare on Elm Street. Joaquim Dos Santos and Kemp Powers tease Across the Spider-Verse’s villain,