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10 Class-Action Settlements That Could You Get Free Money

Cash rules everything around mePhoto: Tapati Rinchumrus (Shutterstock)You hear about class-action lawsuits all the time, like this one filed against Apple (based on a Gizmodo story!), or this other one against Apple (or this one or this

Pakistan’s economy is on the brink

Islamabad/London CNN  —  Muhammad Radaqat, a 27-year-old greengrocer, is worried. He doesn’t know how much an onion will cost next week, let alone how he’ll be able to afford…

Twitter Begins Paying Interest on Its Massive Debt

Twitter has made its first interest payment on its more than $12.5 billion in looming debt, according to reports from Bloomberg and the Financial Times. Elon Musk took out billions of dollars in loans back in October 2022, as part of the…

Ex-Google Employees Are Vlogging Their Layoffs on TikTok

Photo: Alena Veasey (Shutterstock)When Google told 12,000 employees they were out of a job last week, there were a lot of feels, understandably. Some workers were confused about why they had been laid off. Others were frustrated. Some