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Drag Star, Disney Icon, Kids Book Author

Photo: Max FleuryBeing a multi-hyphenate performer is something Nina West knows well. Winning Miss Congeniality on Ru Paul’s Drag Race season 11, partnering with Dolly Parton on a kindness campaign, making music for kids, acting opposite

Chucky Season 2 Finale Recap: Chucky Actually

You better watch out!Image: SyfyIt was festive, it was gory, it was campy, and it left the door open in the likely event Chucky gets a season three. The Christmas-themed “Chucky Actually” wrapped up a satisfying season two for Don

Violent Night Star Talks Santa Claus

Image: Universal PicturesImagine Die Hard except John McClane is Santa Claus and Nakatomi Plaza is a New England mansion. You’ve just described Violent Night, a hugely entertaining R-rated holiday action film that hits theaters on

“Rix Road” Makes Star Wars Better

Image: Disney+Andor’s season one finale, “Rix Road,” capped off a journey taken by many, not just one, in a perfect hour of television. Diego Luna solidified Cassian as one of the most important characters in the canon—retroactively at