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TikTok Sues Montana to Reverse App Ban

TikTok sued the state of Montana Monday in an effort to overturn a first-of-its-kind law banning downloads of the app in the state. The lawsuit, which comes on the heels of other suits filed by Montanan TikTok creators, alleges the…

7 Times the U.S. Stupidly Tried to Ban TikTok

Photo: Samuel Corum (AP)U.S.government efforts to ban TikTok over national security grounds, once considered a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream, are looking more and more likely by the week, especially after Congress browbeat TikTok’s CEO for

Big Tech Has a New Antitrust Nemesis: John Oliver

Comedian John Oliver decided to wade into the antitrust battleground this week, and he didn’t hold back any punches.Oliver devoted 25 minutes of his most recent Last Week Tonight show to discuss general Big Tech badness and advocated in…

Axon’s Taser Drone Idea Aims to Stop School Shootings

Axon, the maker of Tasers, police body cameras, and VR training simulations, wants to add a new buzzy product to its tech policing ecosystem: Taser Drones. While the company believes these shoebox-sized shock machines could potentially…